Small Cap Development, Inc. offers your company assistance with the process of becoming a fully-reporting public company. Our time tested and proven method is sensitive to the costs and time limits companies are concerned with when considering going public.  

Many companies today have reached the limits of the financing capacity their lending institutions offer. For some companies, the best way to expand during these times is to become a public entity. For a company who has not taken this route, the time frames can be long and the process confusing. You are at the whim of the market, your underwriter and forces that may not be in your best interest. We bring the control to you. You built the company, you should be at the helm when you take the next step in its growth. We can assist and inform you on the best ways to attain that goal.

As with all business decisions, there are costs to be considered. We put you and your companies' goals first because we understand the costs of operating in today's market. We offer premium services at competitive prices, and we keep you informed every step of the way.


A former litigator for firms such as Merrill Lynch, AT&T, Verizon (Bell Atlantic), MCI Telecommunications, WorldCom and Mercantile Bank & Trust Company, James R.J. Scheltema is an experienced attorney and certified public accountant. He specializes in corporate law and taxation with an emphasis on securities law. He has served as an officer and/or director in several publicly traded companies and has assisted countless other companies with regulatory and compliance solutions. 


  • Upgrading OTC Markets Tier Rating
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Taking Companies Public
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • SEC Reporting Requirements
  • FINRA Compliance
  • ​Investor Relations
  • ​Promotion
  • Patent & Trademarking
  • Logo Design/"Branding"